As a MultiScreen or Mobile Network Operator, your job is to ensure consistent mobile coverage for all of the subscribers in your network – no matter where they are or what devices they’re using.

But with so many competing cellular and Wi-Fi networks around the globe, selecting the best delivery options can be a real challenge.

At any given moment, how do you ensure that your users have access to the highest quality content on the most reliable networks available?

Introducing wefi's Intelligent Network Selection

Built around a patented algorithm, wefi’s Intelligent Network Selection technology allows you to seamlessly offload users onto the highest quality cellular or Wi-Fi network possible.

We accomplish this by analyzing user and network information across a broad range of data points, including:

  • Network loads
  • Mobile devices
  • User locations
  • Wi-Fi availability

By evaluating these data in real-time, our Intelligent Network Selection technology ensures a consistent and high quality user experience – even when subscribers are on the move.

With Intelligent Network Selection, we’ve removed the guesswork from the equation, allowing you to deliver the same reliable service to your subscribers – regardless of time, location, or device.

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In the past, deciding where to deploy new Wi-Fi hotspots and small cells was always a gamble. You must decide, in advance, whether to divert limited resources towards that downtown skyscraper or to that local neighborhood coffee shop.

You can always make educated guesses based on historic user data. But even with the best analytical tools, you’re still making guesses – and hoping for the best.

Introducing wefi’s User Experience Topology

With countless cellular networks and over 200 million Wi-Fi hotspots in our growing database, wefi is able to plot user behavior against competing cellular and Wi-Fi landscapes to develop invaluable heat maps of historic and current mobile data.

But what exactly does this UXT technology do for you and end-users?

  • Imagine if you could base future Wi-Fi expansion efforts on real-time data that show you exactly what users are doing and where?
  • What if you could leverage detailed analytics that show you precisely those locations where your subscribers congregate the most – yesterday, today, and tomorrow?

Accurate within a 10-meter radius, the information made available through UXT can dramatically facilitate network planning. By analyzing the data flowing to and from mobile devices in any given location, you can erect new Wi-Fi hotspots and small cell clusters in areas that deliver the highest possible ROIs.

This means lower operational costs for you – and a better user experience for your subscribers.

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Based on the ANDSF protocol, wefi's enhanced Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (WeANDSF) is an industry-standard, 3GPP-compatible technology that ensures consistent connectivity – regardless of user location. It accomplishes this by automatically connecting mobile devices with the strongest available Wi-Fi or cellular networks in the area.

The WeANDSF protocol is a central pillar of the wefi Intelligent Network Selection algorithm. Together, these two technologies leverage real-time data on user behavior and location, enabling you to automatically assign each subscriber to whatever Wi-Fi or cellular network delivers the best user experience at that moment in time.