wefi is a mobile data analytics company. We build world-leading data intelligence products, based upon our vast global data resources. We help wireless carriers, cable operators, content providers and application developers to improve user experience, optimize their networks, predict data consumption demand, understand consumer usage patterns and plan better marketing campaigns.

Improving customer engagement with big data intelligence is wefi's mission. Since our inception, we have cultivated a community of millions of ‘connectivity reporters' and created world-leading tools that help analyze mobile user behavior and connectivity experience.

Our crowdsourcing methodology transforms real-time data consumption and app usage information into valuable, data-driven insights to elevate our customers to a new level of consumer engagement. Our customers benefit from our comprehensive mobile data usage knowledge base - the industry’s largest sample processing over 3 billion records daily. Our offering is expanding to new industries and segments that can capitalize on our reliable data in their business. Together we can improve your customer engagement with our big data intelligence.


wefi has evolved to become a market leader and pioneer in mobile data analytics. Our core technology relies on millions of data points that provide us with deep information about mobile user behavior. Customers gain key insights into user behavior. Using newfound parameters such as:

  • Precise location, at a 10x10 meter granularity
  • App and data usage
  • Type of network
  • Speed of connectivity

Our data intelligence products help our customers make better business decisions. Equipped with fresh consumer knowledge, our customers are better positioned for improving their customer engagement.