Network Operators

Whether you are a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) or a Multiple Systems Operator (MSO), one of your greatest challenges is how to deliver the best possible data experience to subscribers without spending endless resources in building your cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Wefi’s big data platform enables MNOs and MSOs to plan their network growth and to optimize resources using the largest sample database of its kind. With detailed crowdsourced mobile user analytics, guesswork can be removed from network planning and decisions can be made with complete holistic view of the network and user experience data.

Wefi’s predictive analytics for networks is built around our deep, real-time data matrix. We collect knowledge from millions of active users and data points. You benefit from network insights for better planning and decision making based on information like:

  • Precise user locations to 10x10 meter accuracy
  • User device type
  • Mobile applications performance
  • Network quality
  • Public Wi-Fi access
  • Data access speeds and latencies

With wefi data at your fingertips, you can consistently deliver superior user experience while keeping costs at bay. You have more knowledge to improve customer engagement with less operational costs, faster load times for users and less data congestion across your network.

App Publishers

As an app developer or publisher, you are investing a lot in building your user base by offering the best quality, fun, useful and viral apps as possible. As the app market is crowded and the competition is aggressive you must plan your go-to-market strategy in an effective and optimal manner. Having insights about user behavior & engagement patterns in your industry and knowing who’s competing with your app is vital to your go-to-market execution. Compariscope by wefi provides a cutting-edge app competitive intelligence solution to help app developers and publishers face market challenges with advanced app intelligence to gain competitive insights for better decision making. With Compariscope’s combination of statistical models, data collection and deep analytics, app developers and publishers remove the guesswork and fill in their knowledge gaps with hard-to-collect data to uncover what’s actually happening with their app competitors and user engagement.

Understanding the market trends is really important to your business… but sometimes you need to look at the numbers from a new angle or different perspective. It’s possible that market trends don’t correctly reflect underlying user behavior if you’re not looking at genuine data of a specific user segment… Without the right data, you could miss out on discovering a rising competitor or other outliers. It costs a lot to win new app customers, so you don’t want to lose them to your competition… Compariscope opens your world with wide competitive visibility towards better customer engagement. You flexibly analyze information and slice and dice data to make better decisions. You choose specific audiences for analysis or compare your app’s performance to market trends. You gain powerful insights into your app user behavior that help you to truly understand your users. You learn who really captures user attention. You learn about new competitors. You understand the market trends and where your app fits in. As a result, you add market share and gain a competitive advantage to become an app leader. .


Compariscope is enabled by wefi’s big data platform. With big data intelligence, you get the behavioral user analytics and engagement data that you need be at the next level of your app growth. When you know where, when and how your fans use other apps, you can better plan and quickly respond for your next steps:

  • App releases based on consumer interest
  • Location based campaigns
  • Behavior patterns
  • You name it… Much more…

To check out how your app fans use mobile data, visit Compariscope site.

Financial Services and Analysts

Industry analysts and VC reps need the best data available to make decisions and get the edge on others. You think about the next winning app in its segment to investigate and write about…You spend lots of time with due diligence on app firms before investment. However, you’re lacking genuine user data. While each app marketplace updates the top app installs daily, you’re still not really aware if the apps are actually used... Compariscope by wefi, our innovative mobile data intelligence service, provides market trends that are based on actual usage of apps by real users. With Compariscope, you get the genuine market trends. You get insight based on our crowdsourced data analysis methodology. Insights can be tailored to your needs and location – whatever you choose to focus upon…

Compariscope provides analysis reports that you can rely on for better app usage knowledge to make better decisions. You can:
  • Benchmark the market according to your needs: reach, usage, retention and user experience
  • Discover new hits
  • Gain a deeper understanding of application usage patterns and consumer behavior
  • Determine how users are engaged in different locations or venues

Try it. There’s never been anything quite like it…