App Publishers
The Power of Competitive Intelligence
As an app developer or publisher, you are investing a lot in building your user base by offering the best quality, fun, useful and viral apps as possible. Check out Compariscope, a cutting-edge app competitive intelligence solution.
Network Operators
Network Monitoring, Planning & Optimization
Wefi’s big data platform enables Network operators to plan their network growth and to optimize resources using the largest sample database of its kind.
Financial Services & Analysts
Get Real App Market Trends and Usage Knowledge
Industry analysts and VC reps need the best data available to make decisions and get the edge on others. Our innovative mobile data intelligence service provides market trends that are based on actual usage of apps by real users. With Compariscope, you get the genuine market trends.

Retailers & Brands

Correlated virtual & physical presence

Retailers invest a remarkable amount of money to create digital presence.

When it comes to mobile App, it’s not enough to have a cool branded app with millions of downloads.

The App must serve the company’s business goals.

Check out how to measure your chain store mobile strategy efficiency.

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